Richmond Hill, NY

This house in a quiet residential neighborhood in Queens had sustained fire damage which had prevented the previous owner from building a planned addition. The previous owner had sustained fire damage but unable to build a new addition. My client purchased the house many years ago and wanted to reconstruct the front of the house that had been lost to the fire.The challenge was to keep the house traditional in character while incorporating modem amenities and aesthetics.

Since they wanted a roof deck, skylight, outside stair sand an octagonal shape,we changed the original design to accommodate the program. The new space has access from the living room and serves as a family room or extra bedroom. The windows and skylight allow for natural light and air into the space. There are great views of the local neighborhood from the house so we created a roof deck for the second floor.

We used BIM to create a model of what the house would look like from the beginning.The client was able to visualize everything in detail. Since he was handy, he did most of the finish work himself. We offered construction administration services so we were able to make sure that everything was built according to the plans. The Building Department inspected the house and found that the only deviation from the plans was that a small cellar vent was missing. In the end this vent was not needed because we substituted operable window sin the cellar.

The client is very pleased with the way the house turned out. They feel that it fits in nicely with the neighborhood. The construction price was kept low because they did most of the finish work themselves. They recommended me to many clients and because of this project, I have become one of the go to architects for small residential projects in the area.

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