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Noise management should be considered in every aspect of design and development

By William Gati
As available development sites become harder to find, builders are choosing locations in noisy areas. Building near highways, train tracks, manufacturing areas, schools etc. present certain challenges in noise pollution mitigation.  Examples of situations in which noise management is necessary: Libraries are quiet. Construction sites are noisy. Dental offices are noisy. Performance spaces are quiet…read more

Streamlining the process of obtaining a certificate of occupancy from the N.Y.C. DOB

By William Gati
The Building Department’s main role is to regulate and standardize construction throughout the city.  To that end, they have created the Certificate of Occupancy, which is a document that “certifies that the premises described herein conforms substantially to the approved plans and specifications and to the requirements of all applicable laws, rules, and regulations for…read more

Professional Profile: William Gati 2015

By William Gati
Name: William Gati Title: Architect Company: Architecture Studio Location: Queens, NY Birthplace: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Education: B.S., B. Arch., M Arch. First job outside of real estate: Pianist First job in real estate or allied field: Architectural Drafting What do you do now and what are you planning for the future? I will be…read more

How “Housing New York” will impact residential real estate development

By William Gati
Housing in New York City is becoming increasingly unaffordable. The Housing New York plan, released in May 2014, is the mayor’s five-borough, ten-year plan to build and preserve affordable housing throughout New York City. The plan lays out a set of strategies to preserve and create 200,000 units of affordable housing. Among the issues it…read more
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