William E Gati is the founder and principal of Architecture Studio an architectural firm that designs residential, commercial and institutional projects. We are members of the American Institute of Architects and we are registered in New York State, Connecticut, and New Jersey.

Some of our most noteworthy projects are beach houses, doctors’ offices, schools, retail spaces, theaters, factory conversions and places of worship. The mission of Architecture Studio is the design of fine structures that are strong, beautiful and utilitarian. This is achieved through computer-aided design and drafting, attention to details, and a hands-on approach to construction administration.

Skills & Expertise:

  • Residential Additions, Alterations & New Construction
  • Interior Design
  • Construction Administration
  • NYC DOB Special Inspection Agency
  • Commercial Renovation, Alterations, & New Construction
  • Computer-Aided Design, Drafting & Featuring. REVIT a BIM Software Solution consultants who work by way of a network to connect for facilitating design and drafting.
  • Registered to practice architecture in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.
  • Has won numerous AIA awards for design, service, and leadership.
  • Has won numerous design awards from the Queens and Bronx Builders Association.
  • Has won the Career Achievement Award from the CCNY School of Architecture Alumni.
  • Has been published in numerous construction, design and real-estate newspapers and magazines.
  • Has been listed in many honorary directories and biographic publications.

We work with a broad range of contractors who specialize in electrical, plumbing, mechanical, painting, carpentry, tiles, marble, and landscaping. We have experience in residential, offices, commercial, institutional and religious structures.

We specialize in greenhouses and sun-rooms. We also design dental offices and back-flow (RPZ) devices for dentists and serve on the consultant listing for the Queens County Dental Society.

Biography of an Architect

By Constance Radut

June 2, 2015. This is the inspiring account of one man’s determination to follow his passion and become an American success story. His name is William Gati and this is his journey. Born in Rio de Janeiro, he is the son of a cinematographer and an accountant who fled Eastern Europe in World War II when they were just teenage sweethearts. In 1964, knowing little English, they braved the rough seas with their two children in tow and immigrated to America in search of a better life for themselves and their boys. They were humble people of modest means with courage and a strong work ethic which they instilled in their sons so, unlike many who waste their youth, William had the wisdom at a very young age to have goals, work hard and follow his dream which he would soon discover was to be an architect.

Bill, as his friends call him, knew from the time he was a child that he enjoyed building things. He started out with building blocks and later, with the help of his father, he learned to create buildings with Legos and Erector sets. He also liked to build model airplanes. He wasn’t the only one in the family with the itch, however. His grandfather, who died in the war, had been an architect in Budapest, Hungary and, specializing in Urban Planning, he helped carve that city’s skyline. Bill, like his grandfather, had a natural ability to put things together and realized in 1974, at the ripe old age of 15, that he, too, wanted to be an architect so that same year he enrolled in the pre-engineering program at Newtown High School in Queens.

When he graduated in 1977, he signed up for the architectural program at the Spitzer School of Architecture in Harlem, part of the City College of New York (CCNY). It didn’t take him long to excel; he even made the Dean’s list. By the time he was a junior, he designed a solar building of a terraced student housing project for New York University (NYU) that utilized underground thermal passive heating and cooling principles which won him the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Design Award. When asked what was behind his interest in solar design, he replied, “I got involved in solar architecture because I love the sun and that has given my work direction and inspiration.” It was a surprise to no one that he graduated cum laude.

By the 1970s Gati was also an accomplished musician, having studied at Juilliard. The discipline he learned there helped him understand the importance of precision and its impact on beauty; this insight has been a real asset in his architectural career. Bill goes all out in everything he does. Not only is he a very accomplished architect, but his musical talents also give one pause: he plays saxophone, violin, organ, electric keyboard as well as a number of percussion instruments. Not surprisingly, his brother Paul also played the violin. Talent runs in the family. His grandmother played piano and his father played both piano and violin.

Gati went on to earn three architectural degrees from CCNY: Bachelor of Science (BS) in Architecture in 1981, Bachelor of Architecture (B Arch) in 1982, and Master of Science in Urban Design (MUP) in 1984. His major focus is on the Micro aspect of Architecture and, for the last ten years, he has been registered to work in three states: NY, NJ, and CT.

His passion for creating projects that make a positive difference in the community are character traits that make this architect stand out. A case in point is his involvement with FEMA back in 1980 when he surveyed bomb shelters in Buffalo while we were still in the midst of the Cold War. Asked about why he worked on so many projects, he revisited that desire of his youth which propelled him into the field of architecture in the first place: “I love to build things because I am very creative and I love to create shelter for people.” Before venturing out on his own in 1987, he also worked on the exterior restoration of New York City’s Municipal and Government landmark buildings.

When he did put out his own shingle, Gati started out by designing housing additions and small commercial projects. He moved to Richmond Hill in Queens which was a developing community at the time. He thought he could make a difference there and build a reputation for himself by providing quality service at a reasonable price. That he did. He settled in and became a fixture in the neighborhood. In 1988, he founded his own architectural business and became its principal. He attracted much of his business by word of mouth. His firm, known as Architecture Studio, is still going strong today. It designs residential, commercial, and institutional projects and is a member of the AIA. It is also registered to operate in NY, NJ, and CT. Gati brings interns there to learn how to use CADD and Design to build a better environment. “l believe in allowing talented interns to work and explore architecture and to learn about the field first hand,” he said. This is a testament to his generous spirit and commitment to building a better world for us to live in. His advice to those wanting to pursue a career in architecture is to “be the client and not the architect because the client has most of the power and control.”

Bill still lives in Richmond Hill and, over the years, he has earned a reputation for being trustworthy and competent and for creating designs that people like. He still gets many of his customers from word of mouth and enjoys repeat business. When asked why he thinks people keep coming back to him, he said it is because he offers “good prices, quality work and reliable service.” As for all those endorsements, he added, “People love my work.” As well they should. Bill has won many design awards from the Queens and Bronx Builders Association for his projects. These include residential additions, commercial interiors, and restoration projects.

Bill’s diverse specialties, skills, and expertise include:

  • Medical, dental and related facilities
  • Residential additions, alterations, and new construction
  • Interior Design
  • Construction Management
  • Inspections
  • Commercial Renovation, alterations, and new construction
  • Computer-aided design and drafting
  • Work in Queens, Long Island, and the Tri-state area
  • Institutional Structures
  • Building Department Services

Apart from his many other activities, Gati also writes quarterly for the New York Real Estate Journal as an Architectural Expert and gives Architectural tours of the Queens chapter of the AIA.

Over the years, Bill has been exposed to various opportunities that, in his words, “had a tremendous influence on my intellectual development” and “helped cultivate a sensitive, attractive, and alert spirit, refined, caring, and exacting nature that molded me into a seasoned professional interested in preserving the public welfare.” Some examples of this include his experience working for the award-winning firm, Perkins and Will, and studying under Bill Bobehausen, one of CCNY’s professors. A real mentor of his, Gati was thrilled when he later got to work with him.

With all that he has done, one might wonder what could be next for Gati. Well, he has many more ambitions yet to fulfill. On the career front, he intends to earn his Ph.D. in Architecture and Urban Planning, expand his practice, continue to teach his craft, and become a government leader. He also plans to author some books including an historic account of Queens architecture. He yearns to “gain a greater awareness of how architecture, urban design, and public policy affect our society, and to serve my community in the best way I know how.” As for his personal goals, he desires to grow daily in character and in forging meaningful relationships; he also seeks to acquire a deeper understanding of life. What drives this man to want to do so many things? His desire to want to make a difference in the world and touch lives. In his words, “I have been very fortunate in life and I thank God for his mercies and blessings.” It is no wonder that William Gati is being chosen to receive the 2015 Career Achievement Award from his alma mater.

Bill keeps going and going. He really enjoys his craft and loves a challenge. He is currently in the preliminary stages of designing a major addition to a trade school in Jamaica, Queens. He is also working on the adaptive re-use of a 150,000 square foot factory to be used to house artist studios in Long Island City, NY. This is on top of his design of a new multi-family building on Vernon Blvd., also in Long Island City. which is nearing completion. This Queen’s dwelling has views of the East River. Besides all these endeavors, Bill still finds time to mentor future architects. Key to his success is his attitude. He never lets a challenge defeat him. Bill works on it until he gets it right. As he puts it, “I usually have to try, try and try again before I succeed.” He also says, “All my experiences and accomplishments have taught me to be humble.” In addition to having a remarkable work ethic, Bill has very impressive credentials. Here is a lengthy list of his accomplishments:

  • Vice President of CCNY’s Architecture Alumni organization for its first five years (1984-1989). Served on the Founding Board where he was instrumental in creating events, lectures and setting up mentoring opportunities for students. His efforts paved the way for the success the Foundation enjoys today.
  • Vice President of AIA’s Queens Chapter from 2003-2004 and President from 2005-2006. A strong advocate for Queens’ architects and gave them a greater voice in the community.
  • Member of the Convention committee of the American Institute of Architects of New York State (AIANYS) in 2006. Organized two successful state conventions; one of them, the Solar Design Convention, won an AIA National Award for Excellence that same year. This convention advocated for architects taking responsibility for solar design.
  • CCNY Professor Bill Bobenhausen was the keynote speaker and Professor Peter Gisolfi, also of CCNY, was among the attendees. Bill Gati addressed the closing remarks to all the members. This convention was a prelude to LEEDS, which standardized energy conservation in buildings.
  • I served on the AIANYS Board from 2003-2006 organizing events and lobbying for architects in Albany and Washington, D.C.
  • A teacher at the New York Institute of Architecture in Old Westbury, NY from 1985-1990.
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